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Be Armed & Ready for your Fight Against Cancer with this Breast Cancer Gift

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A Successful Battle Needs a Strategic & Organized Battle Plan

Julie learned, first hand, just how important organization is when waging war on cancer.

With help from fellow survivors and caregivers, she designed the Breast Cancer Planner, as a breast cancer gift to help newly diagnosed cancer patients and their caregivers be better equipped than she was to navigate, understand and prepare for the challenges of cancer treatment. Knowledge is power and the preparation and insight the Breast Cancer Planner provides is invaluable.

The Breast Cancer Planner

Supporting Over 50,000 Patients World Wide

gifts for breast cancer patients

One Easily Accessible Place

your specific details will be organized and at your finger tips every step of the way, minimizing fear and confusion

Breast cancer planner

A Road Map To Follow

outlining what to expect, how to prepare and organize from initial diagnosis through recovery and beyond

gifts for breast cancer patients

Paper-Based System

no need to remember passwords or struggle with technology, this tools is easy to share with providers and caregivers

Engaged Patients Have Better Outcomes

Research shows patients who are engaged in their medical decisions tend to have better outcomes and fewer side effects.

Cancer Resources

We’ve compiled a list of resources for surviving cancer – from gifts for cancer patients to advocacy and cancer websites to where to buy bras, scarves or prosthetics. There are sites for caregivers and kids, our favorite cancer blogs, cancer journals, insurance and drug assistance, complementary therapies and alternative medicine sites. Well-informed is well-armed for your journey back to health!